Cellulose provides higher R-values per inch than other types of
insulation. Cellulose is blown in under pressure, filling gaps and
voids, eliminating air leaks and providing  protection against air
So Cal Remodeling installs a R-30 attic rating and a
R-15 wall rating as our standard insulation package.

Cellulose has a Class 1 fire rating and will burn 35-55% slower
than homes not insulated or insulated with fiberglass.

Lower your monthly bills-
Cellulose will result in an immediate reduction in your heating and
cooling bills and an increase in your comfort.  It is 100% cost
effective to re insulate attics and insulate empty walls.

Environmentally Friendly-
Cellulose is made of 85% recycled material.  It doe snot contain
any irritants or unsafe material. Unlike fiberglass you can
maneuver around in cellulose if you need to access your attic.

Sound Control-
The same density that provides thermal insulation also absorbs
noise.  Busy street,noisy freeway or neighbors? Cellulose will
control the sound while making your house more comfortable.
Before-Cellulose Insulation with
the original fiberglass now
After- Now with a R-38 rating in
the attic

How do you know if you need more insulation?

Homes built prior to 1972 were not required to have any
insulation in the exterior walls, leaving your home
unprotected from the heat and cold.

Blown In cellulose is the #1 choice for insulating existing
structures! Here are a few reasons why....

Whether you have empty walls or just need to re insulate your attic,
cellulose will make your home more comfortable
while saving you money.
Cost effective, safe,
immediate results.