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Energy Saving Upgrades for Your Home

We offer the following energy saving upgrades for your home:

Air Sealing Most homes are poorly sealed and have unseen leaks that rob you of the air you have paid to heat or cool.  Air leakage, or infiltration, occurs when outside air or air from the attic space enters the living space through cracks and openings. If you totaled the air lost through these cracks most homes have the equivalent of an open window in combined air leaks!  So Cal Home Remodeling finds and seals the areas in the attic space like plumbing/electrical penetrations, recessed lights and interior wall top plates that allow conditioned air to escape into the attic during the heating season and hot air to infiltrate in from the attic during the cooling season.



Attic Insulation As much as 40% of a home’s energy loss happens through a poorly insulated attic space. So Cal Home Performance specializes in making sure that the attic is insulated up to the current energy standards. Using loose fill blown in cellulose insulation we create a thermal blanket that insulates and reduces air infiltration. Cellulose insulation has a higher R-value and fire rating than traditional fiberglass. Cellulose insulation is made from 85% recycled content reducing landfill waste and your impact on the environment.  Homes of all ages need to re-insulate the attic space to reduce utility costs and increase your comfort.



Wall Insulation Homes built before 1972 in Southern California were not required to have wall insulation. With blown cellulose insulation we can safely retrofit those walls creating a thermal shell, making them more efficient than even current energy codes require. From the exterior we drill a 1” hole, the smallest in the industry, to insulate each bay of the exterior wall. With over 15 years experience we can patch and match any texture guaranteeing that you will not be able to see the insulation holes.




Replacement windows and patio doorQuality Windows and Patio Doors We are proud to offer many of the best replacement windows on the market.  Installing an energy efficient window or patio door can reduce your utility costs by eliminating drafts and insulating with the energy efficient dual pane glass. In addition to reducing your utility costs, replacement windows and patio doors reduce outside noise, protect your interiors and carpets from fading and add curb appeal to your home.




DuctworkDuct Replacement- Homeowners do not realize that how much money is wasted with leaky ductwork. The air you have paid to heat or cool can be lost through unsealed, broken, or damaged ducts. The average home tested has a 25-35% leakage rate meaning that 25-35% of your cold or warm air is escaping in to your attic space not your living space.


Heating and Cooling system

Heating and Cooling Many companies believe “bigger is better” when it comes to the size of your heating and cooling system. We know that each home has different leakage,design and comfort issues.  We will design and install the size and type of system that is needed for optimal energy performance, maximum comfort, and lower utility bills.




 Spray foamSpray Foam Insulation  Closed cell foam can be sprayed for a variety of uses or applications. When used in a crawlspace or subfloor it will completely seal the building envelope which strengthens your home, seals it from air and moisture intrusion, helps as a sound barrier, and insulates